November 9, 2002

The 150th meeting of the Board of Directors of the Capital District Kiwanis
Foundation was held on November 9, 2002 at the Fredericksburg Holiday Inn, Fredericksburg, Virginia.

The meeting was called to order at 10:00 AM by President Roger Diehl. The
Pledge of Allegiance was led by Neal Behan and the Invocation was given by Dale Larson.

Introduction of Guests- Heather Talbert, Circle K Administrator; Joe
Kalista, Past Foundation Trustee.

Roll Call indicated that the following members were in attendance:

Paul Mauro Noel Collins Roy A. Sheets, Jr. Judith L. Cariker Dale E. Collins
Roger A. Diehl Walter Rudy Joseph N. Maranto Cornelius Behan Joseph M. Kalista
Charlie Bowie Darwin M. Way Donald Schroeder David Reichert Dale Q. Larson
H. J. Miller Lawrence R. Plant Henry E. Brodsky Stanley F. Miller Jerome E. Peuler
Ellis H. Stroup Charles P. Adams      
Minutes of the last meeting, August 9, 2002- Dart Way made a motion to approve the minutes as circulated by email. Seconded by Dave Reichert. The motion passed.

Treasurer’s Report- presented in detail by Stanley Miller. Copies were distributed to the Board and the Treasurer answered all questions concerning the Foundation’s financial well being. A detailed copy of the Treasurer’s report is included in the minutes. Treasurer Miller indicated in the Annual report that $34,000 was due the Pediatric Hospitals, $1000 on scholarships, excess cash of $5000. Life memberships are at 65 and 6 memorials for the year. The Founder’s Society is at $26,100. Mutual Funds are down, stock funds are 1/2 cost value and bond funds are close to cost. The real estate trust is above cost. The General fund is at $12,000. The $1.00 per member contributions equal $10,657.00. Expenditures included Sponsored Youth at $14,716.00, Grants of $6300, Pediatric Hospitals at $34,300 and operating expenses of $1750. Gifts since the inception of the Foundation in 1972 are at $736,803.00. It was moved by Walt Rudy to approve the Treasurer’s report. Second by Jerry Peuler. Motion passed.

Old Business
Shareholder Project- Charlie Bowie reported that 2500 shares could be sold at $50/share. $5000 in prizes would be given out at $100 per week. The project will not be undertaken by the Foundation due to the lack of a volunteer to chair the project.

Life Membership Recognition- Paul Mauro and Judith Cariker- A detailed handout which has been made part of the official minutes was presented with options on how the Life members could be recognized. A motion was made by Paul Mauro and seconded by Noel Collins to have Secretary -Treasurer Ellis Stroup set up an automated database with provisions to sort that could be posted to the web site. The motion passed. Noel Collins then moved that recognition of Life members be done in a notebook format that could be presented at District meetings. Dave Reichert seconded the motion. The motion passed.

Media Violence Grant- Dart Way reported that there were concerns on the Grant Committee. This project is a KI goal, what is violent and what is not?; the military references; 1st amendment questions; legal determinations. The committee moved not to fund the grant request, second by Don Schroeder. Motion passed.

California-Nevada-Hawaii 911 donation to Capital District- Since an appropriate way of dispersing the money had not been determined the treasurer returned the check to the CalNevHa district.

Committee Reports
Life Memberships- a list of Life Memberships since August 9, 2002 was presented to the Board.

Founder’s Society- (Roger Diehl) There are 7 to 10 new members through matching gifts from Sid Hayes.

Fund Raiser Cruises- (Dave Reichert) Information was passed out in Lynchburg and packets were given to the Lt. Governors. It was announced 3 times in the Builder and 32,000 flyers went out in VALPAC. There has been no interest expressed at this time. Dave will make the cruises available to individual clubs as a fundraiser if they are interested. The problem has been the economy.

New Business
Chincoteague Club Grant- a report was made by Dart Way on the request by the Chincoteague Kiwanis Club for financial assistance in continuing to provide a Medical facility on the Eastern Shore. A motion was made by Dart Way and seconded by Larry Plant to provide $5000 over the next five years. The motion passed.

Foundation Budget- Stan Miller provided each member with a green sheet with the proposed budget that has been made part of the minutes. There is a need to print new CDKF brochures at approximately $250.There is a need to adjust the budget by ($1876) A motion was made by Dave Reichert to take up to $10,000 from the general fund for grant requests and balancing the budget. Second by Dart Way. After lengthy discussion, the motion was withdrawn by Dave Reichert. At the last meeting of the Finance committee, Chairman John Tyner reported a recommendation that the Foundation fund the Key Club and Circle K Administrators’ budgets. Circle K is $5815 and Key Club is $5600. A motion was made by Dave Reichert that we approve the request of the District to fund Sponsored Youth Administrators at up to$12,000 starting in 2003. Second by Dale Collins. The motion passed-11 in favor, 5 opposed, 1 abstention.
Dave Reichert the reinstated his earlier motion to take up to $10,000 from the general fund for grant requests and balancing the budget for 2002-2003. Seconded by Dart Way. Motion carried.
A further motion involving the budget was made by Noel Collins. He moved that all $5000 be given to the Chincoteague club at one time. Second by Stan Miller. Judith Cariker indicated in order to follow parliamentary procedure that is was necessary for two thirds of the Board to vote to rescind the earlier motion that had passed. Dart Way then made a motion to rescind his earlier motion. It was seconded by Hank Brodsky and the motion passed. Paul Mauro then moved to give $1000 this year to the hospital project. Second by Hank Brodsky. An amendment to the motion was made by Noel Collins to give all $5000 this year. Second by Stan Miller. The amendment to the motion passed. A vote was then taken to approve the motion as amended. The motion as amended passed.
A motion to approve the Foundation budget as amended for 2002-2003 was made by Dave Reichert. Second by Noel Collins. Motion passed.

Ducky Derby- Larry Plant reported the need for several hundred additional ducks for next year’s derby. A motion was made by Dale Collins and seconded by Don Schroeder to table a discussion of the ducks until our Mid-Winter meeting. Motion passed.

There being no further business to be brought before the Board, a motion to adjourn was made by Charles Adams, seconded by Stan Miller The meeting was adjourned by President Diehl.

The next meeting will be at 3:30 PM Friday at the Mid-Winter Conference at the Renaissance Hotel in Portsmouth, Virginia.

Respectfully submitted,

Charles P. “Charlie” Adams
Executive Secretary
Capital District Kiwanis Foundation