February 10, 2007

The 167th meeting of the Board of Directors of the Capital District Kiwanis Foundation was held on February 10, 2007 at the Fredericksburg Holiday Inn and Conference Center, Fredericksburg, Virginia. President Hank Brodsky called the meeting to order at 10:00 AM. President-Elect Joe Maranto led the Pledge of Allegiance and Trustee Dale Larson gave the Invocation.

Roll Call indicated the following were in attendance:
 Hank Brodsky              Joe Maranto                 Charles Adams          Marion Allen
Ron Reynolds               John Fox                      Don Jones                 Roger Diehl
Jim Thompson              Neal Behan                   H. L. Marks              Stan Miller  
Don Schroeder            John Thomas                 Dale Larson         Harry Kriemelmeyer   
Tom Varner                  Bob Cressy            Yvonne Holley

Minutes of the November11, 2006 meeting- Motion to approve the minutes was made by Tom Varner. Second by Ron Reynolds. Motion passed.

Treasurer’s Report- presented by Marion Allen, II- Copies of the Treasurer’s report were distributed to the Board and Treasurer Allen stated the total current assets are  $657,531. There is $106,565 in cash and cash equivalents. Expenses were $3005.52. The complete Treasurer’s report is made a permanent part of the minutes A motion to approve the Treasurer’s Report was made by H. L. Marks and seconded by Ron Reynolds. Motion passed

Finance Committee Recommendation- Stan Miller made the motion to approve the Finance Committee’s recommendation to move C shares to A shares. Second by Ron Reynolds. Motion passed.

Committee Reports
Life Memberships- Secretary Adams reported 7 new members since November 11, 2006 giving the Foundation a total of 2480 Life members.

Caring Corner- Ron Reynolds reported that we need craft items and new items as opposed to yard sale type of items for sale in Rockville. This year there will be no ½ price sale at the end of Caring Corner. Items not sold will be saved until the next Caring Corner. Some jewelry items have been donated for the August sale

Ducky Derby- Stan Miller reported that Certificates would be distributed at the May meeting.10, 000 will be printed. We want to list the prizes on the certificates and ask that all divisions donate a prize for the derby. We will also need members of the CDKF Board to help numbers the certificates in Rockville.

Founder’s Society-Governor Bob Cressy  reported that the Governor’s project this year is the Founder’s Society. Over $2,225 has been donated thus far at the Governor’s visits. Also, $1000 was donated to honor PLG Bob Heier.

New Business
Bylaws Report by Tom Varner-  The bylaws were approved by the District Board and copies will be sent to Kiwanis International for final approval.

Policy Statements-  Section 5.A.1 was changed to 5 members plus the President and Treasurer on the Finance and Investment Committee. The Grants Committee was changed to 3 members plus the president-Elect using staggered three-year terms. The Fund Raising Committee will include the Caring Corner Chair, the Ducky Derby Chair plus 4 others and the Vice President.  A motion was made by Charles Adams and seconded by Ron Reynolds to approve the policy statements as corrected and amended. Motion passed.

CDKF Website- John Fox showed the Board the updated pages on the Foundation’s Website. Please send any changes/corrections to John at

Thank You Letters- Letters of appreciation were received from the Augusta Dental Clinic for the $2500 grant and from Johns Hopkins Children’s Center for the Pediatric Trauma donation.

There being no further business to be brought before the Board, the meeting was adjourned by President Brodsky.

The next meeting will be on May 12, 2007 at the District Convention in Rockville, Maryland.

Respectfully submitted,
Charles P. “Charlie” Adams
Executive Secretary
Capital District Kiwanis Foundation