Meeting of the Board of Directors
August 21, 2009

The 177th meeting of the Board of Directors of the Capital District Kiwanis Foundation was held on August 21, 2009 at the Dover Sheraton Hotel and Conference Center. President Joe Maranto called the meeting to order at 3:30 PM. Ron Reynolds led the Pledge of Allegiance and H.L. Marks gave the Invocation.

Roll Call indicated the following were in attendance:

Joe Maranto Ron Reynolds H. L. Marks
Charles Adams Marion Allen Tom Ganse
Art Riley Bernice Oden Roy Sheets
Don Jones Roger Diehl Jim Thompson
David Blanch Ralph Chinn Stan Miller
Jim O'Connell Warren Kane Paul Gates
Harry Kriemelmeyer Hank Brodsky  

President Maranto introduced the following guests: Past CDKF Presidents Dale Collins, Morris Long and Doc Thrush and KI Trustee Jerry Peuler.
The Gift of a Duck suit for the Ducky Derby was made by the Kiwanis Club of Little River, Michigan.
Minutes of the May 9, 2009 meeting- Motion to approve the minutes was made by Ron Reynolds and seconded by H. L. Marks. Motion passed.
Treasurer’s Report-Treasurer Marion Allen reported total Assets of $525,000 and Total Liabilities and Net Assets of $572, 355.94. The complete treasure’s report is made a permanent part of the minutes. A motion was made by H.L. Marks and seconded by Jim Thompson to accept the Treasurer’s report as presented. Motion passed.
Governor Ganse reported that the Governor’s project had raised donations of $1,300 for the purchase of CPR Teddies. He also showed the new District Shirt and indicated that order forms could be obtained from Millie Kriemelmeyer. They are $40 each and $5 goes to CDKF. In addition Governor Ganse indicated that at the June District Board meeting that Secretary-Treasurer Ellis Stroup suggested it should be considered what to do when he retires. Ganse encouraged  the Foundation to honor Secretary Ellis in a lasting way, as the KIF did by casting George Hixson's bust into its medallion. He suggested that the Founder's Society could do something similar by casting Ellis' bust into a medallion that would replace the actual medal attached to the purple and white strap.
Caring Corner-Ron reported that the funds raised support the pediatric trauma centers. Pink ticketed items from last year are ½ price. Dave Heppner, 2010 DCON Chair, indicated a speaker from Roanoke Carilion Hospital would present a session on Pediatric Trauma Centers. He also recommended we have a session on the CDKF at the DCON. Motion made by Ron Reynolds to get a speaker for DCON. Seconded by David Blanch. Motion passed. There will be no Caring Corner at the District Mid-Winter Conference.
District Mid-Winter Conference- Trustee Warren Kane reported that there will be a Casino Night with the funds raised being donated to the Foundation
Ducky Derby- HL Marks thanked everyone for their support of the 7 pediatric trauma hospitals.
Numbering of the Duck Adoption Certificates will start at 10:00 AM. Volunteers are needed.
Teenager of the Year- Roger Diehl reported that 9 applications ha9 been received .Judges from the Pennsylvania District selected a young man from the Norfolk area. We need to get the word out about Teenager of the Year so we can get more nominees.
Founders Society- Bob Cressy reported that 2 additional member have been secured since the last meeting. The total is almost at 100.  He will put an article in the September Builder about the Founder’s Society. The CDKF Trustees need to promote the Founder’s Society.
Finance Committee Report- Stan Miller stated that a CD was coming due at the end of October. After our last meting, we bought a CD at .9%. The finance committee recommends we buy equities with the maturing CD valued at $25,000. A motion was made by Stan Miller and seconded by Ron Reynolds to do so. Motion passed.  2009-2010 Budget Committee - Marion Allen, H.L. Marks, Stan Miller, David Blanch and Joe Maranto. The Finance Committee also recommended that we come up with a description of the Trustee’s responsibilities and those of the various CDKF committees.
Financial Report- Bob Cressy stated that the economy is improving. Deficits will be a major concern. Our 60/40 policy with laddered CDs has served us well.
New Business

Nominating Committee- Roger Diehl reported the following slate of officers for 2009-2010:
President- Ron Reynolds
President-Elect- H. L. Marks
Vice President- Roy Sheets
The officers were elected as presented. It was moved by Ron Reynolds and seconded by Bernice Oden to reappoint Charles Adams as Executive Secretary and Marion Allen as Treasurer. Motion passed.
Kopeland Fund- Joe Maranto had asked Marion Allen to review the will to see if funds could be used for youth services in the district if no exchange program existed .He reported we can use the interest, but the principal remains intact.
May meeting- Joe Maranto suggested that we consider moving the May meeting up one week. Motion was made to move to the 1st Saturday in May. Second by H. L. Marks. Motion passed.
February 2010 Meeting- The question was raised whether to meet on the second Saturday in February or to have the meeting at the District Mid-Winter Conference.   After some discussion, Warren moved to have the Foundation Board Meeting at the MidWinter Conference (vice the normal second Saturday) and Brian Bell seconded his motion.  There was voice vote, followed by a requested hand vote, that passed the motion.  Then Hank said he couldn't hear what was being said and requested yet a third vote (which HL endorsed).  On the third vote, Warren's motion was defeated 10 nays to 8 ayes
CKI Budget- The Capital District CKI asked for $9800 for 2009-2010. The District Finance Committee approved this amount which will be added to the CDKF budget and voted on at the November meeting.
President Maranto stated that he has enjoyed the last two years as CDKF President and will give the keys to the kingdom to Ron Reynolds.
There being no further business to come before the board, H.L. Marks made a motion to adjourn. Second by Charles Adams. Motion passed.

Respectfully submitted,
Charles P. Adams
Executive Secretary
Capital District Kiwanis Foundation