Meeting of the Board of Directors
August 20, 2010

The 181st meeting of the Board of Directors of the Capital District Kiwanis Foundation was held on August 20, 2010 at the Lynchburg Holiday Inn. President Ron Reynolds called the meeting to order at 3:45 PM. H. L. Marks led the Pledge of Allegiance and Roy Sheets gave the Invocation.

Ron Reynolds H.L. Marks Roy Sheets
Hank Brodsky Joe Maranto Marion Allen
Don Dudey Charles Adams Tom Varner
Tom Ganse Ellis Stoup Bernice Oden
Don Jones John Rife Roger Diehl
Brian Bell Jim Thompson David Blanch
Ralph Chinn Stan Miller Steve Miles
Harry Kriemelmeyer    

Guests- Ron Reynolds introduced the following guests in attendance- Past Foundation Presidents Holmes Smith, Morris Long, Doc Thrush and Stan Miller. Past governors in attendance were Tom Ganse, Bob Cressy, Linwood Watson, Jerry Peuler, Yvonne Holley and Charles Adams.

Minutes of the May 1, 2010 meeting- Motion to approve the minutes was made by H.L. Marks and seconded by Joe Maranto. Motion passed.

Treasurer’s Report-Treasurer Marion Allen reported that we have total assets of $600,021.11 Investments at market are $576,546.80. Current Liabilities are $5,030.00, unrestricted assets are $69, 011.00, temporarily restricted assets are $19, 899.29 and permanently restricted are $507,770.00. Total net assets equal $591,680.85 and total expenses are $2020.00. The complete treasurer’s report is made a permanent part of the minutes. Steve Miles made a motion to approve the report as submitted, second by Stan Miller. The motion passed.

Life Memberships- Charles Adams reported that there were 9 new members since the May meeting.

Caring Corner- Ron Reynolds reported that the Caring Corner is in the Lobby of the Lynchburg Holiday Inn. A beautiful afghan done by Amy Diehl is on Silent Auction. Many items have been brought in for sale this year. Last year the Caring Corner made $1900.

Ducky Derby- H. L. Marks reported that there are cash prizes of $500, $400, $300, $200 and $100. Also CDKF Trustees have donated $50 cash or prizes for the derby. This year we are using a raffle drum instead of the ducks in the pool to streamline the process of selecting the winners. The drawing will be after the Delegate session on Saturday.

Teenager of the Year- Roger Diehl reported that the selection was made by a committee of Kiwanians from Pennsylvania and it was the hardest group to make a selection from since the applicants were all so good. There were 10 Nominees for teenager of the year and the winner from Charlottesville will be announced at the banquet.

Founders Society- Joe Stankus and the District Key Clubs presented the Founder’s Society Award to Bill Hand. Hank Brodsky is the newest member of the Founder’s Society which helps fund the SLP activities.

Finance Committee Report- Stan Miller reported that a $25,000 CD has been rolled over for a 7% one. We are taking $7500 from each of 4 current mutual funds for investment in Primco Total Return Fund of $30,000. The Trauma hospitals will receive 50% of the $per member Annual Gift for 2009-2010.

New Business

CKI Budget Request- Stacy Whitehouse, CKI Secretary-Treasurer reported that last year we donated $9800 and that CKI was requesting the same amount for this year. A copy of the budget is to be made part of the minutes.

Policy Committee- Joe Maranto reported that the policy changes had been circulated to the board members for their review. H. L. Marks moved to adopt the policy changes. Second by Bernice Oden. Motion passed.

Nominating Committee- Stan Miller, Chairman and Joe Maranto and Roger Diehl as committee members recommended the following slate of Officers for 2010-2011: Ron Reynolds-President,
H.L. Marks-President-Elect, Roy Sheets- Vice-President, Marion Allen-Treasurer and Charles Adams- Executive Secretary. Roger Diehl made a motion to accept the slate as presented, second by Jim Thompson. The Motion passed.

Teleconferencing- Ralph Chinn proposed that the November and February meetings be held by teleconferencing. weather, driving conditions and night travel are factors in getting to the February meeting. The May meeting could still be in Fredericksburg and the August meeting at the DCON. H.L. Marks suggested a committee be formed to see if this is feasible. Ron Reynolds appointed the Finance Committee to look into the cost of teleconferencing.

There being no further business to come before the board, Charlie Adams made a motion to adjourn. Second by Bernice Oden... Motion passed. Ron Reynolds adjourned the meeting.

The next meeting will be at 10:00 AM on Saturday, November 13, 2010 in the Patrick Henry Room at the Fredericksburg Hospitality House.

Respectfully submitted,
Charles P. Adams
Executive Secretary
Capital District Kiwanis Foundation