Meeting of the Board of Directors
April 10, 2015

The 200th meeting of the Board of Directors of the Capital District Kiwanis Foundation was held on April 10, 2015 at the Hotel Roanoke and Conference Center.

President Roy Sheets opened the meeting at 2:30 PM. Gary Boswell led the Pledge of Allegiance and Nancy Simonelli gave the invocation.

Introduction of Guests: President Sheets introduced Morris Long, Past CDKF President, CKI Governor Ben Romano and CKI Secretary-Treasurer Colin Welzenbach.

Roll Call - Charles Adams

The following members were in attendance:

Roy Sheets Gary Boswell Nancy Simonelli
Tim Wesling Brian Bell David Heppner
Scott Zimmerman David Lurie Dennis Grubbs
Bernice Oden Bob Cassada John Fox
Melinda Dalton Jon Rife Charles Adams

Approval of Agenda- Motion to approve the agenda was made by Jon Rife and seconded by David Lurie. Motion passed.

Minutes of the January 31, 2015 Meeting: Motion to approve the minutes as circulated by email was made by Gary Boswell and seconded by Tim Wesling. Motion passed.

Treasurer Report: Tim Wesling circulated the Treasurer’s report by email to the Board. A motion to accept the Treasurer’s report was made by Brian Bell and seconded by Bernice Oden. Motion Passed.

Life Membership: Secretary Charles Adams reported that we have 2 new life members since the last meeting.

Caring Corner: Nancy Simonelli reported 21 baskets have been donated with 7 more coming tomorrow. The raffle of the baskets will benefit the 8 pediatric trauma hospitals. Volunteers are needed to sell raffle tickets for the baskets.

Ducky Derby: Bob Cassada reported that we need more$50 gift cards or cash equivalent as additional prizes for the Ducky Derby.

Founder’s Society- Bernice Oden reported no donations at this time.

Finance Committee – Gary Boswell reported that a $75,000 CD and a $50,000 CD are coming due and need to be rolled over. Motion by Charles Adams to roll over both CDs. Second by Dennis Grubbs. Motion passed. . Jon Rife moved that the rollover be approved Second by Tim Wesling. Motion passed.

See Financial Advisor's Report - Bob Cressy. April 2015.

New Business

CKI Budget for 2015-2016 – CKI Immediate Past Governor Ben Romano and Secretary-Treasurer Colin Welzenbach. CKI Requests $5,000 which covers registration and lodging for the Board at the CKI Icon, travel for the Governor to ICON, training and travel for the Governor to the Admin. Conference. The CKI Board was considering asking the Capital District Kiwanis Board for an additional $5,000 to cover additional costs not covered by the CDKF. A motion to approve $10,000 for the CKI budget was made by Brian Bell. Second by David Heppner. Motion passed.

Grant Requests-Roy Sheets

1. Salem Kiwanis Club-Grant request for $2,100 for Chess Clubs in the Salem City schools project. The Salem Kiwanis club will match $1,200. A motion was made by Brian Bell to table this request until the August meeting so more information can be obtained about the project. Second by Scott Zimmerman. Motion Passed.

2. Clinch River Kiwanis Club- Submitted two grant requests. First is for $1,000 for St. Mary’s Backpack Ministry to feed 151 Kids. There is no administrative cost and the club will match the grant. Second is $1,000 for Teen Ventures for at Risk Teens from age 13-19. The club will match the grant. Motion by Jon Rife. Second by Charlie Adams. Motion passed.

There being no further business to come before the Board, Charlie Adams made a motion to adjourn. Seconded by Brian Bell. Motion passed. President Sheets adjourned the meeting.

The next Board meeting will be on Saturday, August 8, 2015 at 10:00 AM in the Monroe Room at the Fredericksburg Hospitality House and Conference Center.

Respectfully submitted,
Charles Adams, Executive Secretary
Capital District Kiwanis Foundation