1.Projects that relate to the purpose and mission of the Capital District Kiwanis Foundation will be accorded top priority by the Foundation Board of Trustees.

2. Commitments are made for one year only. Funds will not be granted to the same club or individual for a project for more than three consecutive years.

3. Grant requests for the funding cycles are to be received by the Executive Secretary of the District Foundation by the following deadline dates:
Cycle I: Postmarked by September 10th, Cycle II: Postmarked by March 15th

4. A review committee will be appointed by the Foundation President and will make recommendations to the overall Board of Trustees at the fall (November) and spring (May) meetings of the Foundation Board.

5. Notification of the decisions by the Board of Trustees will be mailed no later than December 1st for Cycle I and June 1st for Cycle II.

6. The Capital District Kiwanis Foundation will not consider Grant applications for less than $100 or more than $5000. Grants will only be considered twice a year as noted above.

7a. The recipient of an approved grant may spend up to and including the specified amount for the sole purpose of the project and will receive reimbursement from the Foundation Treasurer upon submission of proper receipts.

7b. If the approved grant requires funding at the beginning of the project, 65% of the approved amount will be given upon request and the remainder will be given according to (a) above.

8. Grant recipients must submit to the Executive Secretary of the District Foundation a final report on the project within 45 days of the completion date of the project.


Submit application to:

Charles P. Adams
Executive Secretary
Capital District Kiwanis Foundation
1601 Charrington Drive, Midlothian, VA 23113



Club Grant Guidelines & Application

Download here