The mission of the Capital District Kiwanis Foundation is to assist needy persons, particularly young people; to assist worthy youth in attaining vocational excellence; and to aid handicapped persons in regaining happy, useful lives.

(a) To build, aid, foster, and promote the development of the Capital District Kiwanis
International, and its program of community service.
(b) To build and strengthen the Objects of Kiwanis International.
(c) To expend its funds for the care, treatment, and rehabilitation of crippled or
otherwise handicapped persons, particularly children.
(d) To assist Kiwanis sponsored youth activities.
(e) To combat juvenile delinquency by any appropriate means.
(f) To support the major emphasis programs of Kiwanis International.
(g) To raise funds to provide scholarships to needy students, and to make such
scholarships available either as gifts or as loans.